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About Bella Sundries/Meet Our Therapists

Celebrating over 25 years of service in helping our clients achieve optimal health. 

Thank you to our clients for the continued blessing of this journey and in support of our services.

Tonya Tolbert, LMT CCHt, Reiki Master, Hijamah, R.A.P.H.A.E.L. METHOD, Krav Maga Instructor, herbalist.
I am a certified and licensed massage therapist,. Hijamah, and reiki master of 25 years, studying and practicing herbalist for 25 years, martial arts student for 34 years and a martial arts ( krav maga and kickboxing ) instructor for 25years, yoga practttioner for 25 years and instructor owning and operating a dojo until the pandemic, I am also a certified clinical hypnotherapist and forensic hypnotherapist. I studied music at the University of South Alabama, education and psychology at Ashford University, and through nearly a quarter of a century of study and experience I have designed courses to help practitioners enhance their practice and to help patients enhance their own well-being and lives. These combined qualifications enable me to work with students on a mind, body, soul, health, weight management, and fitness levels.
Founder /CEO RAPHAEL method, ART VIBE method.  

Bella Sundries Wellness Studio

1110 Hillcrest Rd

Suite 2D

Mobile, AL, 36695


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