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​​​Therapeutic Massage

Our classic therapeutic massage services are custom tailored for each individual's needs. Perfect for first time clients or those who are looking for a relaxing yet therapeutic experience. 


Therapeutic Massage Services include tui na {Chinese medical massage), shiatsu, neuromuscular, structural integration, cranio/ sacral, therapy, myofascial release, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy, *Adolescent and Prenatal Massage


*Clients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a consenting adult

$50 (30 minute session)

$95 ( 60 minute session)

$125 (90 minute session)

Ask us about Monthly Wellness

Advanced  Therapy

Our advanced massage therapy services take relaxation to a whole new level. Historically used, these traditional Eastern modalities are used throughout Asia to enhance the massage experience, using alternative methods and have been used for centuries. 


Advanced Massage Therapy Services include Tui Na, Thai Yoga, Shiatsu, Chinese Medical Massage, Cupping, and Hot Stone

$60 (30 minute session)

$135( 60 minute session)

$175(90 minute session)







Additional Treatments

In addition to our therapeutic and advanced massage therapy services, we offer the following treatments:

Ionic Foot Detox $50  Thai Foot Massage, $50 for 30 minutes, Sound Therapy, Integrative Stretch Therapy, Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho),  and Tarot Readings$45 (30) min. $85 (60) min.

Himalayan hot salt stone therapy $20

cupping therapy $40

ARTVIBE add on $30 (rapid release percussive massage gun.)

Wellness /diet/ exercise coaching programs available.

​​​Reiki /Chakra Clearing

   Reiki means universal life energy when translated from Japanese. I will not delve into the history of reiki here. There are many other books dedicated to just that. Reiki is a direct and universal way of tapping into source creation energy within and without all things to become a clear channel to direct and transfer this energy to your patient. Reiki can be done on the self, plants, and animals. Any living being can receive and benefit from reiki. Reiki can be performed remotely as well. A practitioner of reiki must be attuned through touch. Buyer beware of services of supposed online reiki certifications as they are invalid.

$85 for 60 minute session 

$115 for 90 minute session

Ask about Reiki attunement course to unlock your healer within, 

Level 1: $400

Level 2: $500

Level 3 $700


Clinical hypnotherapy assists to manage and heal many imbalances on the mental plane such as  anxiety and PTSD disorders, addiction/ smoking cessation, weight loss/ management, trauma from abuse, depression, and many others.

Forensic/ past life regression is used to help unlock lost memories from past lives and present life trauma, compartmentalization, or amnesia.

$130 first vist and consultation $95 for following sessions.


Raphael Method

What is raphael method?

Reiki. Angelic Physcho/physio Hypnosis. Alchemical. Energy Lightwork. 

Raphael Method is an intensive therapeutic modality that seeks to address and overcome severe trauma and imbalance by proactively addressing the issue assertively from the physical to the spirit/ quantum all at once, we  use a basic human design charting in addition to your medical intake.

A proper example would be  perhaps someone who was in  car accident, Not only are they physically injured, but lets say this patient has fear of driving that has developed. We would begin with hypnosis to address the trauma in the mind, Then while in the hypnotic state, we draw the mental focus to include the body to address the injury, with this deep connective mind/ body interaction, release takes place far more deeply and with more permanence of result, then the patient would receive a chakra clearing/ balancing, thus completing mind, body spirit/quantum circuit.

Sessions last 2.5-3 hours $350

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Bella Sundries Wellness Studio

1110 Hillcrest Rd

Suite 2C

Mobile, AL, 36695


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